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The following recipes originate from pie and pastry making courses arranged by Tulikivi UK here in our showrooms in the Cotswolds.

You might like to try them out and send us your recipe ideas too!

Karelian Stew

500g diced shoulder or brisket of beef
500g diced pork
1 tbsp. salt
3 sliced onions

Put the meat in a pot and add enough water to barely cover the meat.
Add seasoning and onions.
Let the dish stew in the oven for two hours.
Check that the meat is tender by tasting a piece or poking with a fork.
The meat is done when the fork penetrates the pieces of meat easily.
Serve hot in the pot the stew was cooked in.

You can also reheat the dish and serve it later. Serve with potatoes and carrot casserole.

NB: In addition to beef and pork, lamb or kidneys and liver can be used in the stew.

Karelian Stew

Fish Stew

100 g carrot
100 g leek
100 g swede
100 g onion
1 litre vegetable/fish stock
1 can fish in tomato sauce (vendace or other similar fish)
bay leaf, whole black and white pepper

Sauté the vegetables in a pot.
Add the hot stock, season and let simmer.
Add the fish when the dish is almost ready.
Portion into bowls and garnish.

The stew can be served with toasted rye bread, crème fraîche, dill, parsley and lemon.

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Fish Stew