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Tulikivi Colour Surface

Tulikivi Colour coating lets you create a modern look for your soapstone Tulikivi fireplace.

Tulikivi Colour can be used to coat both new soapstone fireplaces and those that have been in use for a long time. The package contains all the materials needed to coat a Tulikivi fireplace. Otherwise, all you need is some detergent and paper and cardboard to protect the area around the fireplace. If there is any  existing damage to the surface of the fireplace, it is worth buying a filling material, such as soft plastic mastic, separately. The Tulikivi Colour package includes detailed instructions on how to clean and coat the fireplace. Please read the instructions below.

A turnkey coating service is also available, in which Tulikivi’s Fireplace installer will take care of the coating of the fireplace from beginning to end. The coating service includes the cleaning of the oven, removing and reinstalling the doors, cleaning the seams and filling them with Tulikivi Colour grout, and coating with Tulikivi Colour.

Surfaces coated with Tulikivi Colour that have become chipped or permanently stained over time can also be repaired. A soapstone fireplace that has been coated once can also be recoated.





Click here to download the Tulikivi Colour Instruction Manual

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