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Spring cleaning your stove

Now that spring has sprung, you may not be using your Tulikivi as much as in the winter months. It is a good time of year to book a chimney sweep, and your annual service. That way, if there are any complications or spare parts to be ordered, there is plenty of time before the cold winter sets in again!

Although most of these will be covered in a Tulikivi service, it is good to know how to do the following when the appliance is cool:

Remove all internal parts – firebricks, grate – and vacuum any remaining ash and debris from inside the appliance (you can find special stove vacuum cleaners online – some manufacturers even offer a filter/collection bag to protect you vacuum cleaner)

  • Clean internal surfaces using a wire brush as required
  • Clean the grate with a wire brush and inspect for damage
  • Clean firebricks with a soft brush, and check for wear and tear. Bricks should not be used if they are completely cracked, and must be replaced immediately
  • Re-fit internal parts once cleaned
  • Remove the glass from the door and replace old or worn rope seal
  • Clean the glass using stove glass cleaner
  • Lightly oil the door catch mechanism and hinge pins
  • Clean any stubborn marks on the soapstone exterior of the Tulikivi using the Tulikivi cleaning kit

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