Hearth and Home 2014

Europe’s leading showcase for the fireplace industry, Hearth & Home encompasses every product including gas, electric and multi fuel appliances and fire surrounds together with new products, technology, materials and innovation. This will be the first time Tulikivi UK have exhibited at the Hearth and Home show and we are very much looking forward to introducing […]


Tulikivi Finnish soapstone is a high-quality surface material for the home

Tulikivi’s genuine soapstone is durable and of high quality and an excellent surface material for the home. Natural stone is the perfect flooring material for wet spaces: soapstone absorbs noise and is not slippery to walk on, even when wet. Because of its heat-retaining capacity, soapstone is an excellent choice for spaces with floor heating. […]


Environmentally sound warmth from wood

Forests are the lungs of our planet. This is due to the fact that every tree absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and transforms it into carbon which is then stored as one component of wood. Therefore wood, when burned, releases as much carbon dioxide as the tree has absorbed during its lifetime. That is […]


Kaira design fireplace now available in white

Tulikivi’s Kaira is a technically advanced design fireplace that is now available in white with the Tulikivi Colour coating. Its white colour and rounded form are in harmony with the soft and even warmth emitted from it. The Kaira is equipped with Autopilot combustion control automation, which means the fireplace has top-rated efficiency and is […]


Cosy Soapstone Fireplaces

Equipped with a unique patented Tulikivi whirl chamber, which cuts emissions to a minimum, a cozy soapstone fireplace provides an effective source of heat in a traditional way. Effective combustion reduces the need for wood compared to a traditional wood-burning stove. The fireplace has an abundance of heat-retaining soapstone and it releases comfortable warmth for […]


Recent installations

Here you can view images from our recent installations and real home renovations.

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