Wood: an economical and environmentally friendly fuel…if put to clever use!

The amount of CO₂ emitted when you burn wood in your Tulikivi is the same as when wood decomposes naturally in the forest. The same quantity of  CO₂ is extracted from the air for photosynthesis when the tree is growing. This maintains a kind of balance and, in theory, makes the Tulikivi carbon-neutral. Moreover, the […]


Cooking with your Tulikivi

Owing to its excellent baking properties a Tulikivi bake oven will slowly cook your pies and pastries, turning them into real treats. These baked goods will absorb a wonderful wood-burning oven aroma. When the oven is initially very hot it can be used for baking – for example unleavened rieska bread and Karelian pastries or […]


A new dimension for traditional soapstone

This autumn, Tulikivi will introduce Grafia, an expressive surface finish for its soapstone fireplaces. Three-dimensional haptic surfaces are increasingly popular in design. Tulikivi is introducing a new surface finish that gives the soapstone a pleasant, fascinating feel. The Grafia finish will initially be available for three heat-retaining fireplaces: Vasa Grafia, Valkia Grafia and Sarmi Grafia. […]


Spring cleaning your stove

Now that spring has sprung, you may not be using your Tulikivi as much as in the winter months. It is a good time of year to book a chimney sweep, and your annual service. That way, if there are any complications or spare parts to be ordered, there is plenty of time before the […]


Seasoned logs or kiln dried?

We all know that the best wood must be under 20% moisture – ideally even under 15% – to burn cleanly and efficiently. But which type of wood is best – kiln dried or seasoned? Kiln dried wood provides consistency which seasoned wood does not. Such dry wood will light easily, burn cleanly, and provide […]


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