Buying advice.

Home assessment.

Efficient service

An efficient service is our number one priority and our pledge of “all you need to do is light the fire” is testament to this philosophy. Once we have installed your fireplace, it will be ready to use, so “all you need to do is light the fire” in your new Tulikivi fireplace.

Tulikivi fireplaces can be installed in new homes, renovated buildings or as replacements for existing fireplaces. Our network of installers and technicians is on hand to dismantle your old fireplace, construct a new one or to carry out maintenance work over the years.

Before an installation, a Tulikivi expert will perform a home assessment. This can be done either over the telephone, or in person at the property where the fireplace is to be installed.

During this assessment, the Tulikivi expert will recommend the best Tulikivi for your home by assessing your needs and requirements.

Planning & advice

You can use drawings, photographs, newspaper cutouts, measurements and explanations.

One of the most important bits of information is where the fireplace will be located.

If you are replacing your old fireplace, take a few photos of it. You can mark the spot where the fireplace’s flue is and possibly sketch the outlines of your new fireplace.

Based on these sketches, we will make precise plans according to which your new fireplace will be custom-made.

Planning & advice

Custom models

Our excellent fireplaces fit into any house and interior design. Our custom design service further expands the possibilities of designing a suitable fireplace for every space.

Share ideas of your ideal Tulikivi fireplace and we can bring it to life.

A sketch, photograph, or magazine clip that shows your personal style is always welcome. Our designers will use it to draw up the final design.

Custom models