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A fully independent source of heating

Modern heating is absolutely fantastic – unless, of course, your boiler breaks down in the middle of winter. It is becoming increasingly frustrating in our modern world to rely upon items which can let us down in our time of need.

A Tulikivi fireplace, however, is a fully independent source of heating. The stove does not rely upon any source of electricity to heat your home. You can use logs or wood pellets in many fireplace models without the need for electricity, nor any change internally within the firebox. You can be self-sufficient in heating your water, too, as a range of our fireplaces (including the award-winning Hiisi 5) can be linked up to your water heating system.

Just a 4 hour burn in the firebox of a Tulikivi can be enough to heat both your home and your hot water system for up to 24 hours. As the stove radiates heat, you do not get the hot/cold split in the room that you get with a traditional cast iron stove – instead, a Tulikivi soapstone heater will radiate warmth for several hours.

Not only can you heat both your home and your hot water system, you can also cook your meals in a Tulikivi fireplace/bakeoven. Choose slow cooking using the heat from the firebox, or light a fire in the oven itself to increase the temperature. You can even cook directly on the stone of the oven, which gives a crispy base to your homemade pizzas and croissants!

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