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Cotswold Barn Conversion

“When we bought our converted barn, we loved the rural location, the superb views of the countryside, and the spacious interior. The only thing missing was a cosy centrepiece to keep us warm.

We investigated the option of a large woodburning stove, but soon realised that this was not a practical option for us as the fire would need to be fed every hour, leaving the temperature in our home to rise and fall regularly. Instead, we needed something which was safe for our pets. The low surface temperature of a Tulikivi was very appealing to us for this reason.

We chose a traditional-looking Tulikivi with the option of a stone chimney feature which reaches all the way to the barn’s ceiling. This has allowed the upstairs landing to be warmed at the same time, which is ideal as our dog has his bed there!

We love the fact that our Tulikivi fireplace can burn pellets. Most days we will have a single fire which lasts for a couple of hours, and the heat from this single fire is stored in the Tulikivi to gently heat our home until the next day. If the weather is exceptionally cold, we sometimes light the Tulikivi in the evening as well, as this warms the space through the night and saves on heating costs”




Hiisi 5 – Best Pellet appliance of the year

The Hiisi 5 has been awarded a prestigious national award for an innovative eco friendly wood burning masonry stove which is designed to gently heat a whole room, or the majority of a house.

The winning appliance, Tulikivi’s smallest and most energy efficient fireplace received ‘Best Pellet Appliance of the Year’ at the Hearth and Home awards ceremony in Harrogate. Director Colin Coupland said “This is a proud moment for our company and demonstrates national recognition of the high standard of product which we are now bringing to the UK. This success will allow us to increase our sales and brand awareness so that we can recruit and train more quality staff.”

As weIl as creating a cosy atmosphere, Tulikivi soapstone fireplaces significantly reduce heating costs. The magic of a heat retaining fireplace is based on the excellent heat storing properties of soapstone. In the event of a power cut, a Tulikivi fireplace will continue to radiate heat for about 24 hours on just one load of wood.

Firewood burns quickly and efficiently in a Tulikivi soapstone fireplace, and during the 2 to 3 hours burning process, the fireplace stone quickly absorbs the heat. The fireplace then releases the heat evenly into the room’s air in the form of gentle heat radiation. In this way, the air retains a stable and comfortably warm temperature over a long period of time.

A woodburning Tulikivi fireplace is an energy saving, alternative method of heating that will provide a homely atmosphere in both modern and traditional homes. The high quality design and wide range of models guarantee that the fireplaces offer a combination of beauty and utility.



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