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Easy care for your Tulikivi

Caring for natural stone isn’t difficult and the glass is protected by an air curtain in order to stay clean. With clean burning (using dry wood), the chimney stays clean, and because of talc, dirt and liquid don’t penetrate the stone of a Tulikivi.

Tulikivi fireplace doors have been designed in such a way that the air flow will clean the glass inside the fireplace and keep it clear. However, if there is any soot on the glass, clean it as soon as the fireplace has cooled down. Ash is readily available and is an ecological detergent. Use a moistened paper towel to pick up some fine ash from the ash box and gently rub the sooty part of the glass. Then clean the glass with a moist paper towel and dry the glass carefully. You can clean the frame of the door using a mild washing-up liquid that is not solvent-based.

A moist cloth is all that’s needed to retain your Tulikivi’s elegance over years of everyday use. If spills are common at your home, Tulikivi recommends that you treat the natural stone surfaces with Tulikivi Care protective products. Quick removal of wine, coffee, tea and the like will ensure easy clean-up. If necessary, you can renew the treatment later with Tulikivi Care protective products.

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