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Comfortable Warmth Formula

Heating with radiant heat from a Tulikivi provides fresh and comfortable warmth, different from the burned and dry heat produced by convection heat in traditional wood burners. The graphic below explains the Tulikivi ‘Comfortable Warmth’ formula:

Comfortable Warmth Formula


A Tulikivi burns wood fast, with an efficiency of more than 80%, and therefore uses almost all existing energy. The soapstone absorbs and stores the heat from your fire, releasing it slowly over a number of hours. The heat radiates from the soapstone, heating the whole room – it isn’t just warm air which rises to the ceiling.


The emissions produced amount to only a small percentage of the world’s strictest allowances, which lead to considerably low carbon monoxide emissions. There are also health benefits to using the radiant heat of a Tulikivi; when air is circulated by the convected heat of a radiator or traditional wood burning stove, it circulates dust, which can cause asthma and allergies.


The heat from a Tulikivi is comfortable heat – soapstone does not get burning hot, so you do not need to keep children or pets away from the surface. In fact, some Tulikivi models include a bench which warms up with the rest of the fireplace.


Just a small amount of wood is enough to comfortably heat a home.

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