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A new dimension for traditional soapstone

This autumn, Tulikivi will introduce Grafia, an expressive surface finish for its soapstone fireplaces. Three-dimensional haptic surfaces are increasingly popular in design. Tulikivi is introducing a new surface finish that gives the soapstone a pleasant, fascinating feel. The Grafia finish will initially be available for three heat-retaining fireplaces: Vasa Grafia, Valkia Grafia and Sarmi Grafia. Heat-retaining fireplaces release heat for a long time, for as long as 24 hours after two hours of heating.

Soapstone has a smooth, matte feel. The Grafia surface finish adds new, interesting texture, and it beautifully highlights the various shades of grey in the soapstone.

Tulikivi has more than 35 years of experience in processing soapstone. Its extensive soapstone reserves are located in its home region of North Karelia in Finland. Soapstone is easy to process, lending itself to patterns and ribbing that appeal to the senses of touch and sight. Production and delivery of the new Grafia fireplaces will begin in autumn 2016.


A new dimension for interiors

The Grafia surface finish provides a fascinating contrast to the modern designs of the Vasa, Valkia and Sarmi fireplaces. It highlights the varying tone and vibrant texture of soapstone. Grafia fades out the edges of the stone on the surface of the fireplace.
Of the three new models, Vasa Grafia is the most compact fireplace and comes with a square glass door. Valkia Grafia is a little wider and has a horizontal rectangular glass door. Valkia is also available with other surfaces: Valkia Nammi has a ceramic tile surface, Valkia Kide has a crystal-like Figure surface, Valkia Aalto has an undulating Figure surface and Valkia HSI is clad with ribbed soapstone. Sarmi Grafia, the largest of the new models, has a tall vertical glass door.

Vasa Grafia, Valkia Grafia and Sarmi Grafia are real power heaters. They can be fitted with the Tulikivi P10 pellet system, which enables them to burn both wood and pellets. The P10 system is sold as an accessory. In addition, Sarmi Grafia can be connected to a water heat exchange system using the Tulikivi W10 heat transfer package. This enables up to half of the heat energy generated by the fireplace to be used for underfloor heating and for preheating household water.


Soapstone for fireplaces

Soapstone is an ideal material for fireplaces, as it has excellent heat retaining and heat transfer capacities. Its surface never becomes burning hot, which makes life easier, particularly for families with children. A heat-retaining fireplace releases a steady stream of thermal radiation, which keeps the indoor temperature pleasant in all parts of the home.

Its thermal radiation also heats the structures of the building, keeping moisture and mould away. After two hours of heating, a heat-retaining fireplace will release heat for up to 24 hours. The indoor air will remain fresh, as the fireplace does not circulate indoor air and raise dust in the process.

Thanks to effective combustion, a heat-retaining fireplace keeps firewood consumption low, and both wood and pellets burn cleanly. Depending on the model, the Grafia fireplaces have an efficiency rating of 84–86%. Tulikivi fireplaces meet the strictest global emission limits for fireplaces.


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