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A different kind of heat

The heart of a Tulikivi fireplace is a clean burning stove insert. The big glass door and steel construction of the firebox guarantees a fast heat transfer to the room right from the first load of firewood.

The body of the stove is made of soapstone, which stores and gently releases the heat during and after firing the stove. Thanks to the controlled flow of combustion air, the flames burn for a long time, even with a small load of wood - a 2 hour fire can gently heat your home for 24 hours.

About radiant heat

Which Tulikivi is right for me?

Choosing Tulikivi is choosing a lifestyle. Browse by design, usage, or fuel type to find the perfect model for your home.

See Tulikivi in action

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It’s already become the heart of the home. The dogs are always in front of it, and when my girls get back from school, they’re there too! It keeps the house lovely and warm and we’re burning much less wood than we did with our old, metal stove.
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The stove (Aalto 2) is a brilliant bit of kit – we did our first full burn yesterday and the place is still comfortable this morning. A big thank you to the whole team for the brilliant job you did.
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Everyone who comes to the house loves it. It’s the best money we spent when we renovated our home. Easy and economical, and so much more efficient than an ordinary woodstove.